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      Quality assurance
      Quality assurance

      The company has a number of production bases, respectively, through the national GMP certification, ISO9000 quality certification, standardization two safety production licensecertification.

      Companies from product development, production, testing and marketing of every aspect of the formation of a set of comprehensive quality management system, through the establishment and implementation of sound and effective quality management system to ensure that customers provide satisfactory products.

      Professional team

      By experienced staff has a professional background in product testing and management team.

      Complete and effective training system.

      Advanced detection equipment

      Equipped with the appropriate detection equipment, HPLC (Shimadzu), GC, polarimeter, titrator, spectrophotometer.

      Improve the quality management system

      In strict accordance with the GMP requirements and ISO9001 quality management system, monitoring every aspect of the entire production process and packaging.

      Independent QA and QC department.

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